We are made up of Veterans, Peace Activists, American Citizens and People of the world who are together demanding Peace Not War. We stand for an end to senseless war and death. We must reclaim the true meaning of Armistice Day that marked the end of World War I. America must turn from the glorification of war.

Although the Vision and initial organizing for Veterans Peace March and Peace Concert was started by AL GLATKOWSKI a member of "Vietnam Veterans Against the War/Old School Sappers, it has since become the focus of a broader coalition of groups across the country working together and organizing actions that will take place from November 10th to November 12th in Washington DC.

Mission Statement

The stated mission of the "Vietnam Veterans Against the War/Old School Sappers (VVAW/OSS) is to plan, organize, and coordinate the implementation of a major veterans Rally/March to Reclaim Armistice Day to be held in Washington D.C. on what is now known as Veterans Day, November 11, 2018. Veterans will lead all peace-loving people in a silent march to counter the military spectacle.

The Veterans Peace March Initial organizers for this event: Chair-Willie Hager, and Al Glatkowski, Michaell Weddle, Doug Zachary, Ward Reilly, Marcia Milam Westbrook, Mark Apollo

Current List of endorsers 


WHAT WERE DOING November 11th in DC

Veterans Peace March And Peace Concert #N11 - Antiwar-Nuclear--On The 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day -- November 10th to November 11, 2018!

November 10th 2018-Washington DC Peace Concert
Start Time: TBA Performers TBA

November 11th 2018-Washington D.C.-Washington Monument

-Start Time: 7:00am Rally (early for a rally, speakers and musicians).
We will gather at the North side of the Washington monument for Rally and Staging, with the Capital behind it and the White House to the left.

-March Time: 11:00am
At 11:00am a gong beats 11 times, all attendees about face and a silent march will begin to the National Cemetery, the march will be made up of a broad coalition of marchers, not just Vets, but people from all walks of life who want peace not war.
Visualize people carrying paper poppies, red for the soldiers who lost their lives, white for the civilians who died in far greater numbers, and black for the resisters who died or were imprisoned or turned into slave laborers.

-Specific Route To Be Announced:
Marchers will be marching past specific monuments to highlight the horror of war and honor those who gave their lives. for peace, in war.

-Arriving at Arlington National Cemetery
Time: 11:30-12:00 Noon(Vets will enter National Cemetery if we get a permit, everyone else gathers in the visitor area from were groups will disperse to other locations for additional activities and actions

Any actions highlighting specific issues or demands, etc. will take place after 2:00 or 2:30. Groups will be dispersing to other locations where additional activities and actions will take place.

We are still looking to volunteers to help with outreach, messaging, media, logistics, and more. Please invite friends across the country. All of us are working hard to make this one of the largest peace not war events ever and that can only be done with your support and help.

To VOLUNTEER to help with concert or march email: veteranspeacemarch@gmail.com


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